Issue #115

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This is issue no. 115 of 180. The last issue saw a 43.46% open rate with 9.86% going to this article on the expired rivalry of Uber and Lyft. Square has moved squarely into the upscale POS space. PayTM raises $300M at a $5B valuation. The first autonomous "soft" robot is launched by Harvard researchers. 

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Graphic: Consumers Want Bolder Experiences, Fewer Things

Consumers are beginning to increase the consumption of trips and unique experiences while de-emphasizing their appetite for big ticket belongings. This trend is becoming more evident during a time when digital products are beginning to outpace the purchase of physical goods. Another shift to note, the continued growth of photo and video based self-expressions over social media. I do believe that improved iPhone / Samsung / LG cameras and increasingly adopted video platforms (Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, FB Live) will continue to motivate travel to new places and the photography of picturesque moments. Memories are now just as important as things and until Total Recall becomes a reality, experiential consumerism will continue to uptick. 

All in all, we will continue to see a fetishizing of travel and the commerce that is associated with it. These burgeoning categories include: tours and activities, alternative accommodations, inspiration (Frommers, Nat Geo, Travel and Leisure, Foursquare).