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This is issue no. 96 of 180. Last letter saw a 40.08% open rate with 8.98% going to this article the unbundling of FedEx and UPS. 

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Last Word: Ten Insights on The Future of Mobile

When I started the Two PM Links daily letter, it was for a small group of friends whose careers were tangential to: eCommerce, media, ad tech, fintech, data insights, and branding. These days, that few is well, more than I expected. I wanted a publication source to help me understand the relationships between the above sectors. And I wanted that source to be a daily reminder to learn. One of my goals was to provide a place that was without sensationalism, politics, or too much prose. Overall, just a great place to learn. So with that, here are nine eCommerce insights that you may find interesting. 

  1. Almost half (49%) of eCommerce consumers expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less. Only 51% would "wait patiently." Down from 63% five years ago. 
  2. Nearly 1 in 5 consumers expect pages to load instantly. Japan leads the way with 34% of Japanese consumers expecting instant loads (.2 seconds or faster). In the United States, 18% of us expect instant loads. 
  3. The number of consumers making purchases on mobile has jumped 2.5x in the past five years. Mobile traffic with "intent to purchase" passed 50% of all eCommerce traffic, for the first time in February 2016.
  4. Mobile remains the least satisfying eCommerce experience but responsive web design is helping. Additionally, Amazon has cracked the code for a better experience (native, one click payments). The Spring app is the first example of China's approach to fashion retail.
  5. Mobile and tablet users are the most engaged eCommerce consumers. The majority of searches and comparisons are via mobile device. 
  6. Consumers on mobile and tablet devices purchase more often than those on desktop. Only 15% percent of desktop only customers purchase more than once per week. Compare that to 35% of mobile users. 
  7. Mobile and tablet shoppers spend more money than desktop shoppers. Mobile has an average spend of $2,352 versus $1,584 on desktops. 
  8. 50% of Consumers experience problems during peak traffic. Shopify has helped non-technical online retail owners to avoid server crashes. 
  9. Unhappy shoppers abandon websites and they won't return. 22% will not return to a website where problems have concurred and 45% are less likely to return. 

Thank you for responding to my recent ask to pass along 2PML to an industry colleague. The letter saw the biggest one-day jump in subscribers since letter #1! I will continue to provide value and unlocked subscriber content from the best sources in media.