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This is issue no. 150 of 180. The last issue had a 💩 31.92% open rate with 4.52% of you visiting this article on Apple Pay's second anniversary.

Seven percent of personal luxury goods sales are made via ecommerce today, but online retail will represent 12 percent of the luxury market by 2020, according to projections from the Boston Consulting Group.

About six out of every 10 luxury purchases currently are influenced by digital channels, as social media, a brand’s Web site and mobile feed into buying decisions, whether the transaction is completed online or in-store. While many luxury brands have been avoiding the shift toward digital that many of their mass counterparts have made, BCG warns that the business models of digital laggards will no longer suffice in today’s market (see story). - Luxury Daily

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Total Email accounts for 16% of eCommerce traffic but nearly 32% of overall sales. Email doesn't appear to be dead, just yet.  Read the [unlocked] white paper report here