Issue #184

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This is issue no. 184. The last issue had a 🕺🏾47.86% open rate with 4.55% of you going to this article on the eCommerce marketplace revolution. Data Brief: He ain't Ralph, though. Macy's stock surges on PE acquisition rumors. Friend of 2PML, LeanLuxe has a great mention in Glossy (more in the last word). Mizzen+Main launches in Nordstrom, in store and online.

The CEO could be anyone but that name must end in "Lauren."

The surprise split followed discord about how to reinvigorate the 50-year-old brand, which was a standard bearer for preppy style in the ’80s and ’90s. In recent years, the company has suffered from heavy discounting and an overreliance on the beleaguered department-store industry. It also has an aging customer base and no clear way to appeal to more millennial shoppers. - Bloomberg

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A lot to unpack here: