Issue #192

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This is issue no. 192. The last issue had a 🔥 47.82% open rate with an additional ⚡️ 9.59% of you going to this article on how to build a digital brand. I haven't seen that much traffic to an article in a while.

For the past 10 years, we've operated on the premise that the most important digital metric is the click that refers a person to a website. That click usually comes from a social distribution channel, like Facebook or Twitter, or a search engine, like Google or Bing. But according to industry experts, the click referral is becoming an idea of the past, soon to be replaced by content exposure.

- Read more at Axios by Sara Fischer

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Today's Top Intelligence (12 Reads)

Last Word: an unbiased look at mid-market eCommerce momentum

Despite the agency-based hype train, there is no outright platform monopoly on mid-size retail brands. Download and review the "Future of eCommerce special report" for additional perspectives on the state of the union and what's to come. 

The report was a great reminder that, often, decisions should be made with hard data. For brands, these are the questions that you should seek clarity on:

  • Which eComm platform should I use to distribute my product?
  • How do I find the best brand or media partners?
  • Should I hire and develop in-house or should I outsource it to a development partner?
  • Should I integrate apps or should I build our own?
  • Which industry data should I use and from what sources?
  • What's happening at a macro-level and how will affect our trajectory in the coming quarters and/or years?
  • How do I use what we know about the happenings in data, media, eCommerce, and brand "best practices" to best position ourselves for steady growth?