Issue #29

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This is issue no. 29 of 180. Last issue saw a 42.5% open rate with 11.32% of you going to this story on the Under Armour boss's new whiskey operation.

Today: 12 things that you need to read.

Last Word: Today's Live Chat


Today (4/29) at 4 PM EST, we will have our first 2PML live chat featuring: Everette Taylor 👆🏽of Millisense, Deray McKesson of Campaign Zero, Kevin Lavelle of Mizzen+Main, Jareau Wade of Tilt, and the Mike Isaac of the New York Times. More information will be available at 2 PM tomorrow. Tune in!

Here is the link 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏼👈🏽👈🏾👈🏿 to follow along and interact. We will be discussing 4-6 topics (☔️, 🍋, 6️⃣, 📈, 📉, 👻) that intersect media, eCommerce, brands, and data. The show will conclude at 4:25 PM EST and we will be accepting topics by you tweeting @2PMLinks starting now. Give us your ideas and tell a friend or 10.