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Last Word: The New Shift Away from Major Retail

People are wondering if retail struggle is an indicator of economy. @Macys @Kohls @PacSun @Gap @Kmart all have had rough quarters/years. But the issue seems to lie in a shift in mindset.  In years past when one retail giant thrived, another failed (@Walmart v @Target ) etc. And those struggles showed up in the10Ks and quarterly reports.  In the words of the wire "game done changed"  Let's take a look: 

My major purchase this year have all come from DNVBs (Digitally Native Vertical Brands) to quote @dunn  or @amazon. Pants from @Bonobos, Mattress from @TuftandNeedle, thermostats by @ecobee and so on. My spend hasn't decreased but has shifted dramatically from publicly traded retailers to small private companies that are mostly #DNVB. The shift is captured not by a decrease in sales at public retailers but also by the proliferation and success of #DNVB as well as @amazon.  Consumer expectation has moved from "go-to" to "come-to." This not just for brands but has also given rise to service companies such as @Postmates and @doordash

So to say that due to falling sales at the giants that retail is dying; to me is a misnomer. We need to look deeper to understand it's where the game is being played that has changed. @BenedictEvans said in 2014 "mobile is eating the world"  We are now beginning to see that everyone going mobile fundamentally shifted experience expectations at a rate that outpaces even smartphone adoption.  It's the fastest shift in behavior since probably the advent of the drive through at restaurants.  It's less about what people are buying but how & why. Smartphones are the remote control of life that now drive purchase behavior.

By @JeffMJenkins,