Issue #9

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This is issue no. 9 of 180. Engagement (clickthroughs) hit 39% for issue no. 8 with 15.85% of you clicking on this story about Postmates using the on-demand mCommerce subscription strategy that some of us have seen in the past.


A last word: Steve is gone, long live Elon.

Let's be honest here, the innovative starship that was once Apple Computer is in a lull. It's not dead or anything, per se. It's actually a great business. But it no longer captures our imagination in the way that Steve Jobs did when presenting a PC that looked like a bubble gum vending machine or a pocket juke box or an in-pocket personal computer that made phone calls.

What many of us saw from Elon Musk's late night presentation was the type of subtle mastery that we wish that Tim Cook exuded. But he never will. And so, we should embrace the awe-inspiring, publicly traded, founder-led electronics company of our present rather than the one of our past.