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This is issue no. 90 of 180. Last letter saw a 42.12% open rate with 7.11% going to this article on Elon Musk's master plan. Thank you to those who introduced 2PML to an industry colleague. Enjoy!

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Last Word: Why 2PML?

polymath /ˈpɒlɪˌmæθ/ noun 1.a person of great and varied learning who uses the totality of their learning to solve specific problems.

As information and unique insights become more available, most of us who deal in the realm of creativity, data, media, branding, commerce, and development are realizing that each day brings more to learn. And each field impresses upon the other. The pace of innovation accelerates so quickly that failing to learn - for just one fiscal quarter - can leave us behind our peers.

Additionally, there is quite a bit of distraction out there. Most media sites want clicks so they discuss the cream of the moment, whether or political or otherwise. Who has time for that? I set out to curate and author 180 issues of this daily letter to filter a lot of the noise. No agenda, only the goal of bubbling up the important stories of each day. Often, context can be found in each week's collection.

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In addition to publicly available information, I also include text and links from costly, specialty publications like: CB Insights, The Information, Stratechery, Pando, WWD, and NPD Group. These are data-driven publications or high quality editorial platforms that cut through much of the noise. In the 2PML letters, these links will be unlocked for you. 

If you receive this letter, each day, you are in quite the group of people. Thank you for reading and please feel free to respond to the letters with your feedback.  It is humanly curated and consistent. The next 90 will be better than the first.