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This is issue no. 117 of 180. The last issue saw a 42.95% open rate with 11.63% going to this article on the people who matter at Uber.

You'll see several stories today that highlight the shifts that 2PML often covers, (1) the inverse relationship between the proliferation of eCommerce and the devaluation of retail brick and mortar space.

(2) Another is online media's dependence upon Facebook's API, Twitter's links, and native mobile apps. Tomorrow's letter will cover (3) a short list of media groups who've built direct eCommerce businesses that generate between $3M - $15M / year in gross revenue.

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Today's Top Intelligence (10 Reads)

Ben Thompson on Google (Waze) v. Uber


The reason this matters is that building a self-driving car is like building a smartphone: it’s a hard problem, to be sure, but it’s only half of the equation when it comes to transportation-as-a-service. After all, just how useful would an iPhone or Android device be without the cloud? Similarly, a transportation-as-a-service company built around self-driving cars not only needs cars that can drive themselves, but an entire infrastructure on the back-end that tells those cars exactly where to go in a way that maximizes what will undoubtedly be a massive capital investment in the cars themselves.

This is likely the motivation behind Google’s Waze-based ride-sharing service. Kalanick may be right that Google is ahead when it comes to self-driving cars, but they have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to telling those cars where to go.

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