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This is issue no. 122 of 180. The last issue had a 42.03% open rate with 🔥9.58% going to this article on the earned ubiquity of Herschel backpacks. iOS 10 releases on September 13. Welcome back, NFL. Excuse the late send today, travel has gotten the best of me. 

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Last Word: Bullish on eCommerce

Reconsider how you think of eCommerce; it's more than Amazon Prime and DNVB hype. This week, I had the opportunity to spend a little time with the folks at GGV Capital in Menlo Park. While coast to coast flights aren't the best, the takeaways were. We discussed the past, present, and future of eCommerce and how the businesses of today will need to shift to maintain relevance. Of the most important takeaways: 

  1. China is leading the United States in eCommerce penetration (and the GGV portfolio reflects this).
  2. Don't think of eCommerce as the merchandising of material goods only. Consider Hotel Tonight, Airbnb, and other experiential apps (often travel centric). These platforms have superior tech (and superior conversion rates).
  3. To that point, as an eCommerce retailer - invest in one-click checkouts. This is the crux of today's wave of investments in mCommerce. 
  4. Narrow focus and deepen relationships with consumers. To better understand this context, see Jeff Richard's latest on CNBC

Experiential eCommerce is a burgeoning market. Travel, events, tickets, and services are each stealing the attention away from traditional retail. Reconsider how you think of eCommerce.