Issue #1

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This is the first issue, the format and the commentary will improve in short order. The Two PM letter is curated for polymathic professionals who see the ever-growing connections between brand, eCommerce, media, data science, and digital innovation. So let's begin!

Branding / eCommerce / digital innovations

A last word: Instagram's new algorithm

Activity will fall for the vast majority of users. For the brands who focus on generating content home runs, engagement will rise faster than pre-algorithm's day. So will the rate of organic follower growth. Users will feel more comfortable following more accounts now that Instagram has begun to organize their timelines for them. Building a plan for engaging content should be priority number one for brands who emphasize Instagram's community. Instagram influencers will be in high demand and so will the platform's ads which will improve in efficacy over the coming months. Timeline algorithms don't just increase ad buys, they improve existing ad interactions by reducing our baby pictures, fitness transformation photos, and self-motivational quotes.