Issue #10

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This is issue no. 10 of 180. Engagement (clickthroughs) hit 38.4% for issue no. 9 with 13.54% of you clicking on this story about Slack and their most recent mega-raise.

Today: Chatbots, Amazon Payments, and Balmain

A last word: an eero for your home.

As the home broadband experience has increased in importance (inverse to cable and dish subscriptions) optimization of the home has been a recent and worthwhile craze. The eero system has done a brilliant job addressing the need for a better wi-fi experience.

It's the tenth curated letter! And so, here is a little promotion of sorts. One active subscriber who invites an industry friend to join this letter will receive an eero wi-fi system for their home or office. See @2PMLinks for more information and thank you for being a part of this.