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Automation Doesn't Mean The End of Human Jobs
Boxed, who started out of CEO Chieh Huang’s garage in 2013, has typically relied on pickers walking up and down serpentine rows of palates, looking for items and then grouping them in bins per each customer’s order, to later be loaded into boxes and shipped.

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Instagram’s Latest Growth Hacks
MEDIA: Instagram last year boosted digital ad spending by 30% to 40% to about $80 million, mostly on Facebook, according to a person briefed on the figure. Snap, in comparison, spent $9.4 million last year on advertising, according to its IPO filing. The ads are likely one of the reasons why Instagram reported on Wednesday an increase in monthly active users to 700 million—doubling in the last two years.

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Shopify Inc. Downgraded
DATA: MacMillan believes there is a risk that Shopify’s new merchant additions will slow in 2017, then flatten or turn negative in 2018. This risk stems from expected spending on sales and marketing, gross customer additions, and client churn.
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The Politics of ‘Buy American’
RETAIL: Many such premium brands got a big boost from the heritage chic look of recent years. That trend is, by most accounts, fading. But that does not mean “Made in U.S.A.” is dead, said Erik Schnakenberg, a founder of the denim-and-staples brand Buck Mason, based in Los Angeles. When the company was founded three years ago, “we were dead set on making everything here,” Mr. Schnakenberg said. 

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Amazon Adds First Apparel Button to Dash
ECOMMERCE: Amazon has added Dash buttons for 40 more brands, including the first apparel retailer, Calvin Klein, Geekwire reports. That brings the number of Dash buttons to more than 300, according to Fortune. Other new additions include: CeraVe skin products, Listerine, Pepsi, Treehouse Kids, Tylenol and VOSS.

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How a Teenager's Love of Chicken Nuggets Launched Viral eCommerce
ECOMMERCE: The teen's website is powered by the ecommerce module of GoCentral, which is GoDaddy's recently announced answer to Squarespace and Shopify. "Carter's website is the most trafficked GoCentral website created since the product launched in January," a GoDaddy spokesperson told Inc. The Wilkersons said that GoDaddy's 24/7 support was instrumental in getting the site ready and launching it.

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Kit and Ace Further Restructures
BRAND: Retail analysts said at the time those layoffs and closures were signs the chain that manufactures and sells washable cashmere streetwear tried to expand worldwide too soon and too fast. In May 2016, Wendy Bennison, ex-president of Roots Canada, was hired as the president of Kit and Ace “to streamline the next phase of the strategic plan,” the company said at the time.

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Amazon's New Echo Tells You If Your Outfit Sucks
DATA: Amazon has a new Echo and this time, it has a camera built-in to tell you how ugly, or hot, your outfit looks. Dubbed the Echo Look, this forthcoming $200 device has a depth-sensing camera that can take full-length photos and videos using just your voice.

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Under Armour's Wild Ride Is Just Beginning
BRAND: It was encouraging that Under Armour's typically brash and cocky CEO Kevin Plank dialed back the overconfidence on the call, admitting there was work to be done on the Curry shoes and throughout its footwear business. It was also a good sign that Under Armour's business didn't sink any further than already lackluster expectations. 

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ESPN Cuts Are Bad, But Doom and Gloom Is Overdone
MEDIA: At the same time, however, ESPN also has contracts with cable and satellite companies that make it part of the core bundles those providers offer. The fees it charges have been rising steadily, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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Adidas Tells Us How It Plans to Catch Nike

BRAND: Just a few years ago, it seemed like the global battle between Nike and Adidas for sneaker dominance was all but over. Nike emerged the clear winner. It was not only the bigger brand of the two, but its shoes were cooler, and simply put, Adidas didn't really seem to have any kind of stylistic or athletic advantage over the Swoosh. In 2017, however, the story is very different.

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