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This is issue no. 67 of 180. Last letter saw a 40.49% open rate with 9.15% going to this article on the latest smart accessory for your car. 

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Last Word: Why Brands Should Embrace Agencies

Being the chief executive of an eCommerce brand is a tough job. And so is being the CEO of an agency or consultancy that helps companies with their brand presence, public relations, or eCommerce-efficacy. Both brand-side and agency-side businesses should be respected by the other but that often isn't the case. Brands tend to believe that agencies' lack of sales accountability makes their job easier. And agencies tend to believe that brands should believe, blindly, in their efforts.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. Brands need agencies and agencies need brands. In 2PML's next live chat (hosted on Talkshow), I'd like to team two brand executives and two agency owners in a discussion on bridging the gap between value and deliverables between agencies and brands. If interested in joining, feel free to respond to this letter via email.