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This is issue no. 78 of 180. Last letter saw a 41.34% open rate with 10.32% going to this article on eight Snapchat follows for marketing and growth.

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Last word: the coming superiority of mobile commerce

Two upcoming mobile innovations will improve mCommerce conversion rates in the months to come: (1) Apple Pay's desktop integration with platforms like Demandware, Shopify, and Magento will lead to further adoption on mobile sites (2) Next generation voice command software will help in contextual search for eCommerce purchases. You will see articles about this noted with a VOICE FIRST. Siri is overdue for improvements and for the first time, the Apple service has a challenger of sorts.

Viv, an AI startup founded by Siri's original team, is built on a new set of logic that spans beyond classic API formats to input and output information. In short, anything on the web can be discovered and actuated based upon the user's current context. (see infographic here) I expect Apple's existing Siri's system to adapt to Viv's new voice command standard or Viv will be acquired the Cupertino iPhone team.

These are the sorts of mobile innovations that will make shopping as practical as it is becoming for desktop-oriented operating systems. Recall, 2016 saw a major milestone in eCommerce. It was the first year that mobile purchases outranked desktop. As experience improves, so will conversion rates, leaving traditional desktop shopping in the dust.

Today, we measure checkout efficiency in pages and clicks. By 2018, it will be measure by spoken word count.

"Siri, please order 2017 Nike KD 10's in Golden State's colors please. Size 12."
"Is two day delivery okay?"
"Yes. Ordering from"
"Here is your confirmation number...."

Imagine that day, next year. 

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