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Last word: The Mainstreaming of Augmented Reality

I'm not quite sure that we've ever witnessed adoption of a digital product, like this. We have to consider the advertising, consumer incentive, and eCommerce implications to follow. The pace of Pokemon Go's user growth (and the subsequent effect on it's ownership group) has been astounding to watch. It's opened several questions that we'd never imagine asking ourselves, just a week ago.

To summarize, the game's IP owner is Nintendo. The game's maker is an outfit that was formally owned by Google called Niantic. This isn't their first GPS-based product, in fact, it's basically their first product + Nintendo's IP (Pokemon). Nintendo's market cap has grown by over $11B since the app's launch.

The app feels like a gimmick at first. But then you walk to the park, bumping into adults holding their phones and you think, "are way." And then you approach your city's park, mall, concert venue, body of water, and you see droves of people standing or walking while staring at their phones, "this can't be real, right?"

This was all on the third day after the app's North American launch. So this begs the question. Considering its existing network effects, what can be done with this type of game? Here are 2PML's top ten things that entrepreneurs will attempt:
  1. Expanded in-game commerce to include physical products delivered to your home or in-app play of other famous Nintendo titles. 
  2. Augmented reality brand billboards.
  3. Bricks and mortar reward systems for stores and restaurants who welcome Pokemon play. [here is an MVP via Product Hunt]
  4. Sponsored races. 
  5. A messaging app. 
  6. Pokemon Go chauffeuring [here is an early attempt]
  7. Pokemon Go-centered advertising. [Amazon tries it first]
  8. Sponsored stops, sponsored Pokemon gyms.
  9. Ticketed events with rare Pokemon within a geo-fenced area. 
  10. Coordinated refreshments at trafficked areas throughout the city: cold pressed juice, ice cream, etc. 

At press time, Pokemon Go is set to outpace Twitter and Tinder in DAU's - today.