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This is issue no. 106 of 180. The last issue saw a 😔 39.72% open rate with 9.38% going to this article on the future of luxury brands and how each is getting there.

As you my notice, this issue is brand and media heavy. Some interesting things are happening that will influence many of our jobs in the coming years. Media, eCommerce, and ad spend are all shifting at once. One interesting statistic to consider: sports were 14% of live TV in 2005 and 93% of live TV in 2015. Live sports attract the largest advertisers. Those largest spenders: credit card companies (being disrupted by mobile payment systems), CPG companies (being disrupted by Amazon / / VC-backed brands), and car companies (being disrupted by Uber / Lyft / Didi / Tesla).

NBC Olympics has reported an increase in ad spend (and a - likely - decrease in ROA) by those incumbent credit card, CPG, and car companies. These companies will not be able to maintain this level or style of spend by 2018's Winter Olympics. The challengers in each of those categories are building direct-to-consumer models based upon the continued adoption of eCommerce.

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