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This is issue no. 120 of 180. The Labor Day Weekend issue had a 38.85% open rate with 6.25% going to this article on 6 eye catching digital marketing stats. When you have time, take a look at this 2016 Mobile Retail Report. Also, I found this interesting: what "Prime Air" means for FedEx and UPS [VIDEO].

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Last Word: issue 120.

First: thank you. I began curating the Two PM Links letter to study and discuss the growing kinship between vertical brands, eCommerce, media, and the data that propels us forward. What could be better than one letter with everything that you need to know, each business day? On top of that, a letter that isn't trying to sell or persuade. Each business day of the week, I cover a range of topics that often have influences on another, with the express intent to serve the eCommerce and media communities. So far, there's been a focus on everything from the macroeconomics of eCommerce to Snapchat's next step in the race to own augmented reality. But in a way that appeals to people who market / sell things or invest in those who do.  

So far, 40-47% subscribers are opening the letters. Of that group, 24-32% click to another destination. Often times, a destination will receive enough traffic for that site’s host to reach out and ask me about 2PML.

Admittedly, brand and design have taken a back seat to functionality and information. Even so, I hope to improve the letter by adding a simple archive search, a permanent forum for readers, and improved navigation. Thank you for reading, each day, and feel free to email me with your thoughts.