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This is issue no. 125 of 180. The last issue had a 40.61% open rate with a 🔥14.12% going to this unlocked article on the fall of American Premium brands. Happy iOS 10 and Apple Pay Web installation day. I personally believe that abandon cart rates will drop precipitously, as iOS users begin saving their cards to their Apple Pay accounts for mCommerce and web checkouts. For context, I've included an email 👇🏾 for Shelly Banjo's latest on 'zombie malls' (article no. 4). 

A recent email:

From: Me
To: an admired Silicon Valley VC

Consolidating a number of stale 10-15 year leases under the umbrella of a capitalized startup would allow for the development of a physical goods distribution system that I personally believe will be necessary for Postmates' and Uber to expand into the fulfillment of hard goods (at scale). It also becomes a target for Amazon's seemingly inevitable move into a greater density of hybrid 'fulfillment centers / B&M showrooms.' Beyond VC, potential funding sources would include: Macy's, Nordstrom, mall ownership groups, Amazon, and major independent brands (GAP, L Brands, etc). 

see: Today's Columbus Dispatch

In the short term, this company could save zombie malls by repackaging them into efficient distribution centers for the new eCommerce economy. 


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On the Ceramic iPhone 8

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I mentioned I would talk about the Watch another day, but I did want to call out the new Edition, which is a relatively inexpensive (at least compared to Gold!) ceramic. It looks amazing; it’s also quite practical. It is extremely scratch-resistant and, unlike aluminum, it doesn’t block radio waves.

To that end, this Quora post by Brian Roemmele examining the ceramic Apple Watch and Apple’s recent patent filings makes a very compelling case that next year’s iPhone 8 will be ceramic; the process just wasn’t ready for this year (and, Roemmele notes, the GT Advanced sapphire debacle may have been a big part of the delay). We’ll see if he’s right — that’s something that would have made the headphone jack the afterthought Apple needed it to be.