Issue #14

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This is issue no. 14 of 180. 2PML had a 50.24% open rate with 12.62% of you going to this story on Mashable's restructuring.

Today: Kobe in China, Reddit's New App, Shopify v. WooCommerce, and $FB Native Ads

The 2PML Chatbot to-be powered by Meya

Chatbots and other AI tools will be one of the widely-used innovations in the coming years. A great dev platform for AI-based chatbots, Meya released their bot platform today and 2PML will make great use of it. Read their announcement on Medium today by following here.

"What’s nice is that you can build one single bot and have it used from any of these messaging apps without additional work. For v1 we’re supporting the usual suspects: Twitter, Kik, Slack, SMS and Telegram, but we’ll be quickly adding more integrations (ex. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, Amazon Echo, Skype, HipChat, etc.) soon."

And then when you're done, have a chat with Leo's adversary from The Revenant. Say hello to The Revenant Bear.