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This is issue no. 156 of 180. The last issue had a 40.06% open rate with 🔥 11.2% of you visiting this article on how certain brands don't discount. The most watched World Series Game since 1991. Theo Epstein eschews sabermetrics.

All, thank you again for opening this and perusing it on a daily basis. I continue to be astonished by the talent of the individuals who subscribe to 2PML. I do my damnedest to keep it focused and worth your while. Some days are slower than others, today was one of those days. In addition, there was a front end malfunction that negatively impacted the letter's aesthetic and ease of use. It would have made you unsubscribe had I sent it at 2 PM EST, so 8 PM EST it is! I hope that this letter is useful to you.
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