Issue #173

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This is issue no. 173 of 180. The last issue had a 43.72% open rate with 5.28% of you visiting this article on how Birchbox is beating holiday estimates. I've always been a fan of Bold Commerce, check out their silent but deadly growth as a Shopify agency. Pricing and logistics prowess are paramount [slideshare here]. Here is a great study on why product content drives conversion [more here].

There is a great article by LeanLuxe (below) on luxury brands and the effectiveness of native advertising over traditional ad placement. Here is a great example: A Technical Look Presented by Mizzen+Main.*

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Graphic of The Week: Willpower Lost

As a follow up to this series of tweets, here is a look at the next problems that major retailers face - drastic drops in brand equity forced by what seems to be market-driven peer pressure. There's coming back from these types of discounts but you're talking 5-7 years of readjustment.

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