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A rare Sunday edition, this is issue no. 193. The last issue had a 🔥 48.02% open rate with an additional ⚡️ 8.41% of you going back to this article on how to build a digital brand. A whopping 38.9% of opens found a link that they liked. Since the aforementioned link has been the top billed article for the last few issues, I've included the second ranked link: "The Future of eCommerce."

Capstone takeaways (Q1 '16- Q1 '17)

  1. The majority of US consumers have purchased apparel both online and offline, however, brick-and-mortar is still the dominant transaction channel.
  2. In fact, US consumers’ attitude towards fashion and their purchase behavior has changed little over the past five years.
  3. We expect brick-and-mortar to remain the dominant store format for US apparel and footwear retail in the near future.
  4. As retailers have shifted their budgets to digital advertising, the influence of all major media channels has decreased in the past five years, except for social media and mobile video.
  5. Among millennials, the influence of social media on apparel purchases is on par with traditional media like TV and magazines.

By Deborah Weinswig, Fung Global Retail & Tech

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Last Word: Capstone Coverage of Major Retail Shifts

I spent the weekend reviewing a February 2017 white paper by Fung Global Retail and the sheer amount of raw information is overwhelming. The report is pretty impressive. The focus of the report is big retail's plague of store closures and management changes but much can be deduced about each brand's refocused efforts on shifting resources from physical retail to digital and voice.

The .pdf download is ready for you here