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10 things that you need to read.

Last Word: The Verge is doing it's gadget blog wrong.


When I heard this news, I initially chalked it up to another Uncrate knockoff. And then I reconsidered when I heard that "they were publishing to Facebook." I thought that maybe that would be a smart spin on distribution for the same reason that publishing on Medium is a smarter option than publishing on your native blog. Distribution on Facebook cannot be beaten.

But when I finally previewed:, it was nothing new. Stories were published on The Verge and then linked to Facebook, much as Uncrate and copycats do today. The system is built to drive traffic to a host site to help bolster visitors to optimize for ad revenue.

The Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel said in a statement:

Circuit Breaker brings the best of old-school blogging together with a sophisticated, aggressive modern platform distribution strategy. We’re going to expand the already huge Verge audience by giving passionate gadget fans tightly-focused coverage of device categories that are poised to change the culture all over again.

But a pioneering move would be to avoid this clickthrough optimization setup altogether, opting to post all content directly to Facebook, giving the direct link to the product's homepage. Facebook's algorithm rewards this behavior and when fitted with Impact Radius affiliate links, the new revenue model could provide high-yield, editorial eCommerce sales, directly from Facebook's powerful News Feed, foregoing ad revenue all together. There should be no middle ground.