Issue #48

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This is issue no. 48 of 180. Last issue saw a 42.38% open rate with 10.2% of you going to this story on 10 Trends in Online Marketing.

Today: 10 things that you need to read.

Last Word: 2PML is Growing

I started the 2PML project to host pertinent information for polymathic business types. The story isn't always behind the links. Often, it's what is communicated by the context of the whole. We have reached 1,500 superstar industry executives, entrepreneurs, and influencers. For a daily letter, that's probably "nothing." But that's not how I see it. From the feedback that I receive each day, this is one of the smartest audiences within the digital space and I'm very proud of that. No ads, no asks, just value delivered to you at 2 PM or so. 

Do I want it to grow? Sure. But only how it is growing today; I think that there is beauty in seeing growth 5-10 people at a time. One value-add that you will notice is 2PML's feature interviews with some of 2PML subscribers.

One of them is Dylan Whitman, coFounder and CEO of one of my favorite Shopify agencies.  

He's achieved tremendous growth and his San Diego firm's headcount is now at 45 people with triple digit revenue growth each year. We will be hosting a chat on Monday May 30 (more details to come) for all who'd like to tune into to hear how and Kyle Widrick and Dylan built a service-based titan in just a few short years. Topic: What's the future of eCommerce for small business? 

Read more on BVACCEL. See Dylan's 🔥 tweet here.