Issue #49

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This is issue no. 49 of 180. Last issue saw a 40.6% open rate with 7.52% of you going to this story on misconceptions about brand influencers.

Today: 8 things that you need to read.

Last Word: Amazon x Postmates, maybe?

I've unlocked a new Pando Daily article for you. The topic? The consolidation of all things food delivery. An interesting quote by Pando founder, Sarah Lacy: 

As we’ve written before, consolidation will occur. Will it be WholeFoods buying Instacart or BlueApron? Uber or Amazon that buys PostMates? Google buying the fellow Stanford alum founded DoorDash? Lyft and PostMates voltroning up to take on Uber, funded by Didi? 

Having lost money in the on-demand eCommerce startup industry, it's made me a fan of the logistical prowess of Postmates (most recently, I wrote about them here). Amazon has consumer packaged goods (CPG) won, not even a well-funded Jet could outpace Amazon's onslaught. Postmates has local, independent retail won in many of its markets. Where Postmates and Amazon may end up meeting in the middle? Servicing the logistical needs of Gap, J. Crew, Express, and all of the mall retail category. 

Basti and his team are smart are doing some amazing things. But if Amazon ever acquired Postmates, there could be a monopoly of the three tiers of eCommerce (warehouse, mall retail, local goods) by 2020. If Amazon ever buys Postmates, it won't be for food. Amazon would want Postmates for its ability to index and broadcast the inventory of 100's of local vendors in each American market.  

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