Issue #5

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This is issue no. 5 of 180. The last issue saw a 52.50% open rate with a 40.48% clickthrough. The most important topics? The (1) (2) Snapchat briefly dominating the app store. Here's what matters today.

Branding / eCommerce / digital innovations

A last word: eCommerce methodology for campaign finance.

Maybe he wins the long shot Baltimore Mayoral race, perhaps he doesn't. Regardless, I root for the 30 year old lightning rod but this isn't about politics. With an estimated 4,500 donations, 95% of which were outside of Baltimore, his campaign has raised a lot of eyebrows. His competitors range between 200-900 donations and a 40-70% local participation rate.

His primary competitors are using his unique success to brand him a carpetbagger of sorts. However, the Deray McKesson campaign has the ability to further revolutionize local campaign by melding outside influence with insider efficacy. By emphasizing an eCommerce approach to campaign finance and reinvesting just $12,000 to $14,000 of his campaign funds on a local product campaign (Facebook and Instagram's ad servers would be perfect), the McKesson campaign could profitability net nearly 1,700-2,000 small donors in the Baltimore area with an average donation of $10.

A segmented ad approach - much like one used for small businesses around the country - could act as both election day call to action and a way to mitigate a "weakness", boosting his local fundraising rate upwards of 25%+ in just two weeks time.

This is eCommerce, digital media, branding and data in action.