Issue #54

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This is issue no. 54 of 180. Last issue saw a 40.01% open rate with 6.38% going to this article on the NBA Finals' brand war.

Today: 10 things that you need to read.

Major 🔑's from the Mary Meeker Report

The Mary Meeker report drops some serious 🔑's year over year. This year was no different as she delivered insights surrounding the impact of autonomous vehicles, China, messaging and more. The biggest takeaway is that there's opportunity across many different industries and innovation is showing no signs of slowing down. It's never been a better time to be a maker. 

(1) Apple needs to innovate beyond their devices quickly to get back on track. (2) The world is open for business. Ignoring China is a mistake for VCs and startups with global potential. (3) Debt is our economies biggest threat and opportunity. (4) Ad blocking trends give $FB more  leverage/potential long term. Publishers need to embrace SaaS thinking or invest in native. (5) Anyone ignoring Millennials in 2016 isn't paying attention. (6) The lines between offline and online retail are dotted. Online brands have the ability to scale faster to offline than ever before. (7) Offline retail experiences is an emotional experience and isn't going anywhere. People outside the bubble still want it. (8) We haven't reached peak live video. Remember when you said you wish you were early on Twitter or Facebook? Here's your opportunity. (9) Mary Meeker's deck included the Chewbacca mask video. The 🔑 to success is being able to stay flexible with updates to your deck. (10) This year $TWTR and the NFL roll out their integration. It's gonna be major 🔑that $TWTR gets it right. 

(11) The 🔑 for the NFL/$TWTR integration is an optimal sports experience for both consumption + crying Jordan faces. (12) The sports experience is a combination of UGC and what is produced by the league. Integrating both will be 🔑 to changing the game. (13) Messaging isn't just a trend. It's a full fledge assault. Software may be eating the world but messaging is killing the phone call. (14) No ideas are new. Snapchat filters, 1997:

(15) Open source voice interfaces are going to win. (16) Autonomous cars 😐Bruh. If you're not thinking about how this impacts insurance, entertainment, tourism, etc.. You're missing out. (17) Lyft Line & Uber Pool are the best example of how the future of transportation will work. Except... No driver in the front seat. (18) Rosetta Stone: Mandarin edition. (19) Borders don't REALLY exist yet marketers still invest ridiculously into our own back yards for ads. Look elsewhere. (20) Your device will be your wallet. (21) Big Data is dead. Big insights from big data is 🔑. (22) Innovation is happening all around us. From retail and data to sports and healthcare - there's opportunities everywhere if you stay up. (23) the biggest takeaway from the Mary Meekers report is that the geeks, makers, builders and doers are changing the world. (24) It's never been easier to make a 'ding' in the universe. Invest in yo'self and put in the work. 

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