Issue #60

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This is issue no. 60 of 180. Last issue saw a 40.37% open rate with 11.76% going to this article on Steph Curry's catching flack from the masses. $UA has since rehired the designer who defected to Nike.

Today: 12 things that you need to read.

Last Word: eCommerce, the once and future wave.

In the past week, (1) Gawker bankrupted only to initiate a second act as an eCommerce-first, media site (2) a friend of mine sold his house through Zillow - in one day (3) Apple Pay launched for MacOS (4) Voice Commerce cemented itself as one of the next waves in Fintech (5) I've gotten word of four different (reputable) eCommerce agencies who are launching their own managed funds to invest in DNVB (digitally native vertical brands). M&A, in this sector, is at five year high.

With traditional adtech faltering at an alarming rate, we've begun to watch innovation shift towards fintech and increased eCommerce investments to enable a better version of the web, mobile, and watch experience.   

Desktop sites can now enable Apple Pay, allowing consumers to purchase with thumb authorization via their iPhone or their Apple Watch. "One click" purchasing is officially yesterday's news.