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This is issue no. 82 of 180. Last letter saw a 42.31% open rate with 7.78% going to this article on what brands can learn from the Pokemon Go craze.

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Last word: The Lens Through Which To See A Craze

I'll be there first to admit, I didn't grow up playing games like Pokemon. I can understand how silly all of this may seem to other folks who, like me, think that this brand of game is silly and childish. Perhaps it is a bit childish, but many adult crazes begin as millennial fads. And this AR game is actually appealing.

To ignore the business implications of a new style of consumer consumption is ill-advised. The network effects of this game may slow, in time, but the style of mobile experience will probably be around for a long time. For instance, this summer there will be American sporting events and concerts with attached retail expos. Vendors will pine over how to generate pop-up store demand. If this particular gravy train continues, the brand that best executes their - dare I say - Pokemon strategy will see a major jolt in foot traffic (lure model here). And this is just one real world example that would move the needle for a retail based business.

Every new platform is silly, at first: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Yet, seasoned executives have paid agencies or brand operatives to develop strategies for these platforms. This isn't much different.

In the latest paid Internet Retailer report, analysts mention that the fastest growing brands cited the correlation between YoY eCommerce sales growth and strong and organic Twitter and Facebook community around the product. Don't be afraid to pioneer brand strategies on new, with obvious network effects.