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This is issue no. 12 of 180. Engagement: a 59.7% open rate with clickthrough at 29.2% for issue no. 10 with 12.26% of you clicking on this story about Medium's growth as a platform.

Today: Influencers, Maps, and Contextual Search

A last word: A New Spin On Engagement Analytics

One of the new engagement analytics tools worth trying out, Sherlock is the solution for developing and tracking custom KPI's for your brand. Via Derek Skaletsky, Founder and CEO:

"With SHERLOCK, you create a custom engagement algorithm for your product by scoring each one of your events based on its "engagement weight" and Relay delivers you a ranked list of your users ordered by their engagement. It's completely flexible and allows you to see how user engagement shifts over time. You can also dive into detailed profiles with more info about each user's overall engagement."

Why use Segment?

  • Speed and Flexibility
  • Send the same customer data to marketing automation tools
  • Consistent Data
  • Improve the quality and consistency of your customer data
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Collect data from other tools on the Segment platform and analyze it with Sherlock.

For example, you can collect your customers’ A/B Testing experiment data and Live Chat message history for further analysis in Sherlock. Learn more here.