Issue #180

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This is issue no. 180 of 180. The last issue had a 💪🏽 49.12% open rate and a 26.13% engagement rate with 6.31% of you visiting this article on the seven major trends that will define retail. That commercial that you just loved, well, the artists are probably on this list - Ad Age's Agency A-List is right here. The growth of mid-market eCommerce is seen here. The surprise is that trailed WooCommerce and PrestaShop in 2016 growth. It shouldn't be surprising, however. Wordpress powers 30+% of all sites on the web and WooCommerce is most easily integrated into their existing platform. Publishers are more likely to use WooCommerce over Shopify.

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Last Word: Thank You.

Originally, I committed to 180 issues because a) I knew that publishing each one would be difficult but attainable over time b) and frankly, I didn't think that it would continue. I was right about one and wrong about the other. I hope that you stick around to observe the letter's growth and how this dynamic readership continues to influence it.

I want to personally thank all of you who have joined this growing list. In all, it grew well beyond what I anticipated. I wanted to establish a place for people that share our industries' many interests. To do this, I wanted to examine the several areas where our industries intersect. I focused on eCommerce (of course), data, branding, and media.

The intersection of media, eCommerce, and brands should matter to everyone with a pulse. Our digital economy continues to shift beneath our feet, like a lithosphere, as each industry jostles with new constraints, partnerships, and opportunities.

I want to thank several analysts and publishers, large and small, for doing great work (and reading 😀): Business of Fashion, Lean Luxe, CB Insights, The Information, Stratechery, Bloomberg Gadfly, and Pando Daily. You should read them all! And lastly, I've included a small informational document on partnership opportunities in the intro. See you on Wednesday for 181.  - @web