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This is issue no. 182. The last issue had a 45.53% open rate with 5.76% of you visiting this article on the Why is Content eCommerce's Missing Link? Brief: Gilly Hicks is relaunching. Private Equity firm L Catterton makes a safe bet on Kopari Beauty. Top 10 Takeaways from the GGV User Growth Masterclass.

Q. So why are so many well-established retailers, particularly big-name department stores, struggling?

A. It’s because they continue to believe the products they carry are important. It just isn't true. You can buy a Mr. Coffee machine or a blue t-shirt in hundreds of places. The problem is that if I were to drop you, blindfolded, into many of these larger stores and then turn you loose, you would have no idea where you are—they aren’t differentiated in any way. The retailers that are winning deliver on value but provide unique customer experiences. Amazon knows this, too. That’s why the emphasis has shifted from its products—it has everything—to the experience of shopping with Amazon Prime.

- Sarah Mahoney, Media Post

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Graphic of the Week:

This recent graphic from CB Insights was a great illustration of how fundraising is tied to the startup hype cycle. Represented are three real companies in the DNVB mattress industry: 1) Casper 2) Tuft & Needle 3) Saatva. Casper receives the overwhelming mindshare of press mentions while Tuft & Needle and Saatva appear to be in a much healthier position for longterm growth.