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Last Word: someone launch a 'Talkshow' Podcast


This could have been a Slack vertical, at least that's how I envisioned it a while back. In that particular moment, our group reached peak Slack-banter about sports and pop culture. The conversation was peppered with .jpeg's and .gif's, embedded video and text snippets. For the Silicon Valley group chat messaging company, It would have been as simple as allowing for the publishing of private group chat's on a custom URL with the group's previous chats archived for public consumption.

"I bet people would pay to watch our chatcast, live," I said.

And just a few months later, Talkshow launches. Talkshow is a platform that allows you to text in public for all to see. I'm not always right but I will say that audio podcasts will be overtaken by live chat variety in the next few years. It's easier to follow, easier to disseminate to others, and more interactive.

If you're an industry expert and you're interested in giving this new medium a go, reply to this email with your login. We will discuss and announce a topic of banter, to-be-announced on 2PML for Friday afternoon at 4 PM. We may even have a sizable audience.