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Last Word: entertainment industry and the emoji

emoji contextt

I first noticed it during the promotion of Future's latest mixtape - Purple Reign ☔️. And then I noticed it during DJ Khaled's legendary Snapchat run 🔑. And then the hit song, "Panda." 🐼 And now, Beyonce's upcoming album in conjunction with an HBO feature called "Lemonade" 🍋.

The emoji has long been a staple in millennial generation and, particularly, hip hop culture. But it is quickly emerging as a viable promotional tool. Entertainers are launching their own emoji kits (see: Kimoji) by the boatload. The reality TV star and avid entrepreneur actually raked in "a million a minute" during a stint in Apple's App Store.

But it's the regular old, plain jane emoji set that intrigues me. Entertainers are using simple phrases that, joined with emoji context and promotion, seem to have a viral effect on sales. It's another marketing channel to consider in the increasingly-complex digital age. But it's a marketer's role to master what's out there.

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