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12 things on brand / digital / eCommerce and what's next.

Last Word: don't be afraid to move quickly.


It's amazing to see subtle ripples in digital media and digital commerce force a meeting in the middle. Now, more than ever, it is beneficial to have a brand strong enough to handle the pressures of constant experimentation. In the last decade, we heard media experts say things like: "every company is a media company." Today, I say, "every media company is an eCommerce company."

The strongest eCommerce brands have loyal followings and organic traffic but it may be time for the best eCommerce firms to invest in building traditional media platforms: populated by niche bloggers, curators, and video producers. There's no better way to endear loyalty than to give buyers new reasons to come back every 2-3 days.

Media startups like "theSkimm" and "The Lenny Letter" have a great chance to become efficient eCommerce players. And more established brands will begin publishing their own niche publications.

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