Issue #28

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This is issue no. 28 of 180. Last issue saw a 48.6% open rate with 18.55% of you going to this story on brands with the most loyal followers.

Friday (4/29) at 4 PM EST, we will have our first 2PML live chat featuring: Everette Taylor of Millisense, Deray McKesson of Campaign Zero, Kevin Lavelle of Mizzen+Main, Jareau Wade of Tilt, and the Mike Isaac of the New York Times. More information will be available at 2 PM tomorrow. Tune in!

Today: 8 things that you need to read.

Last Word: Hyper-marketing in 2016


This curated letter was designed to help folks like yourself stay on top of the micro shifts that can occur between unrelated industries and platforms. In a recent issue, I covered the growth of the emoji for amplified marketing. Above, you can see how Beyonce's album title - Lemonade coupled with the 🍋 took word-of-mouth marketing to a different level. The lemon emoji was used on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Overnight, it was ubiquitous. Beyonce's marketing efforts generated heat for the following platforms: Tidal Hi-fi and iTunes. HBO Now peaked in the top 10 of the app store sales, as well.

Emoji, the new hashtag. Meme, the new billboard.


This week's example of amplified marketing will explore even more facets of these data-driven branding concepts. Rapper / Artist Aubrey "Drake" Graham is a savvy marketer. His latest album cover for tomorrow's Views From The 6 was what we will call "meme sauce." The viral spread of his album cover was inevitable. It's been meme'd over 30,000 times on Twitter, achieving and estimated 14,000,000 impressions since Monday. It's been taken one step farther by a Silicon Valley engineer who has .gif'd the meme for a project called "Drop Drake".

Great brand marketing occurs in concentric circles, these moments expand the reach of a product well beyond its initial station. As such, Drake felt that this album launch was time to launch his first eCommerce site today - October's Very Own on Shopify Plus. We are watching the relationships between media, platform, and eCommerce meet more often.